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Our Origins & History

Designing engineering and architectural works which can contribute to the improvement of life quality and of work environment while keeping costs under control is nowadays beyond possibilities of a single professional.

A team can better deal with such a target, because team can be flexibly shaped to fulfill the needs of modern integrated design (civil, plant, production).
This synthetic vision it the basis of design thinking of Studio Castiglia, associated design firm with secular roots from which WILCO Engineering stems.
Enrico Castiglia, current CEO of the Studio, keeps up with the activity started by his grandfather in 1912, enlarged by prof. Cesare Castiglia in 1947 and since March 2000 consolidated with the association, between other Associates, of the forth generation.
The main activities of the Studio, where 9 associates comprise the core design group which cooperates with 6 operative teams (architecture, structures, plants, interior design, topography, accounting),include both public and industrial Clients, stretching the assigments from technical-economical feasibility studies to consultancy for final delivery of the works.

Design, work and supervision

The Best of Last Ten Years

Work in Progress

Section of the Wilco website in which are collected main works in progress A tool to rearrange the ideas and communicate in almost real time what we are planning or building. A way of involving people who gives us confidence, who collaborates with us or those who are just curious to know something more about our projects.



Wilco S.r.l.

Engineering Et Surveying

Corso Matteotti n.31
10121 Torino - Italy

Tel +39 011 5612059
Fax +39 011 5069331

Ing. Enrico Castiglia

Ing. Giorgio Ruffa
Chief Technical Officer

Arch. Carlo Fucini
Chief Architectural Officer

Arch. Franco Audrito
Managing Director-Middle East Office

Ing. Ermanno Piretta
Middle East Projects - Vice President

Ing. Cesare Castiglia
Project Manager

Ing. Piero Scandaluzzi
Project Manager

Ing. Flavio Montemaggi
Project Manager

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